Free-write: 16/12/15 Spicy Lipstick

20151216_124437-1.jpgMelrose tentatively brushed the skin on Kevin’s arm, her fingers curling to the back of his neck, finally placating the raging inferno by putting her own lips to his. She was stooping very low and she felt degraded at what she was resorting to.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. She had always seen herself as an equal among the male gender, attaining her goals in life with her own hard work and talent without resorting to feminine wiles.

Her lips moved fast, yet delicately against his, willing him to forget, even if Melrose could see the end of the calm even before it began. She traced every inch of his parted mouth, clutching at thin straws for his temper to subside through a mere sensual act.

Melrose had lost her wedding ring. She had taken it off before helping her husband with the gardening work he was doing for their kindly elderly neighbour next door and now she had forgotten where she had placed it. It wasn’t in her jewelry box where she left it.

Perhaps it was the tension and passion within the conflict, Melrose didn’t know. She had kissed him in a low-handed attempt to diffuse the situation and was surprised at how different kissing Kevin was, now of all times. Kevin responded fiercely, which was quite unlike his usual mellow and sweet demeanour.

It was as though his chagrin had been transferable into a whole other emotion entirely. The atmosphere which Melrose could swear was tense just a second ago was now working wonders like a spicy lipstick, heating up their conflict-induced makeout passion.

A voice broke out, reaching into their consciousness and pulling them back. “I found the missing ring, Kevin!”

Melrose broke away and her face turned to the kitchen doorway, as though an archangel had appeared and told her God was at the front door of the house.

Standing by the door was old Mrs Flaherty, triumphantly holding up a tiny band with small diamonds around the band, its centre diamond winking at Melrose. He triumphant grin swiftly rearranged itself into an awkward expression upon realising what the couple had been in the midst of.

Upon setting her eyes upon the ring, a dam inside Melrose broke, engulfing her in waves and waves of relief.

“I’m sorry!” the old lady squeaked. “I should’ve knocked.”

“It’s okay, Mrs Flaherty!” Melrose only had eyes for her wedding ring  now. Once lost, now found.

“Oh my God, it’s not missing after all!” Melrose exclaimed, internally squealing in sheer relief and delight. She took her ring from the neighbour and turned it around, as though she was seeing the ring for the very first time.

A disgruntled huff seem to have come from behind her.



Note: I can’t believe I just wrote something I formerly said I’m not interested in writing, which I once said I didn’t know how to write (in my 1st/2nd blog post). Still, I actually enjoyed writing this, though I did weird myself out a bit! Do let me know what you readers think!

By the way, it was so hard finding an image of a manga where the girl kisses the guy! So many were depicted as two students in school uniform, the guy kissing the girl with his hand on her neck. I wonder why the field of manga is always so saturated around the same theme? I know nothing much about Japanese manga and anime, the closest I have been to is watching some anime clips here and there as I waste my time procrastinating! 

Any readers who are into manga and know of anything that isn’t of the usual -boy meets girl in school and they fall for each other despite initial thoughts- do let me know in the comments below! Maybe I’ll be interested in reading it. I might choose to colour the book too if I ever get a paperback.



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