Free-write: 15/12/15 Invigorating Sunrise

20151214_224202-1.jpgThrough the haziness of after-sleep, Kevin opened an eye. Roused awake by the invigorating sunrise streaming gently through the window blinds, he stretched himself out on the bed, willing his dozy muscles to be ready for the day. Beside him, the figure of his wife turned over in her sleep. Knowing her, she wouldn’t be awake at least until 9am. Kevin got up and went to the kitchen to brew his morning cup of tea. Usually, he preferred something stronger, like coffee, but he decided to veer off the usual today and try one of the new teas his wife had bought the week before, which she had been avidly drinking for the past few days.

Though husband and wife, their preferential differences were vast and they were, as Melrose’s grandma called it, ‘like salt and pepper’. As such, living in their marriage wasn’t easy at all when they first tied the knot. Remembering his grandmother-in-law’s nuggets of wisdom had been really useful.


Note: I have no idea what I am writing. Kevin and Melrose are a pair of characters I am currently working to get to know for a story I am developing, and the prompts made me think of Kevin, who wakes up together with the sun. 

As for Fae Raoirse and her family, I am still going to write about them since people seem to like her! Thanks to all who have read and appreciated the Fae Raoirse shorts put up yesterday!


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