Free write: 14/12/15 Savoury Thrillers

20151214_141754.jpgWhat Melrose won’t kill for a savoury dessert now. The appetizers and main course at the restaurant was underwhelming and she hadn’t felt gastronomically fulfilled, and it had left her heart half-empty, yearning for a good dessert to complete it.

It was Kevin’s idea to choose that restaurant for their night out. He claimed that it was one of the best restaurants in the city, verified through spectacular reviews on TripAdvisor and HungryGoWhere. By spectacular reviews he meant totally healthy, non GMO, gluten free and vegan. Not that Melrose had anything against vegans, but the taste of a vegan mac and cheese totally wasn’t satisfying, the thinner texture of vegan cheese devoid of the dairy fat goodness and unami that she usually had with eating the real deal.

Kevin nonetheless had enjoyed himself, and he was now enthusiastically talking praising the invisible merits of the restaurant as they walked down the street. “This is the best meal I’ve eaten! I’ve never felt my insides so smooth and unclogged for a long time!” He raved.

If you want to be unclogged, you might want to get a colonoscopy to check your insides, Melrose wanted to quip, but thought the better of it, considering Kevin had just recovered from a bad case of stomach flu the week before.

Kevin had just gotten well fully after being sick for the longest time. For once it was something his usual go-to of herbal teas and nourishing foods couldn’t help with. He had miserably conceded with the doctor’s antibiotic prescriptions and foul tasting remedies.

Having been cooped up in the house for a week, Melrose had given in to everything he wanted to do, which happened to be the cause of her heart feeling incomplete with the too-clean meal she had eaten.

“Now, what should we watch?” Melrose snapped out of her reverie. They had reached the cinema, where an array of films were showing tonight. Their hands were still interlocked, and Kevin was swinging their hands together to get her attention.

Melrose looked at the screen. She preferred thrillers most of the time, and she hoped they would end up watching one of those instead of another slapstick comedy for the third time of the month.

She looked at the monitors which were perched above the ticket office. After a long deliberating pause, she looked up to Kevin, who was still gazing at her, patiently waiting for her response. Melrose beamed. “I’m okay with anything. You can decide, dear.”

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