Fae Raoirse: Uppity I Am Not

Note: Another gone off the rails free write that had morphed into its own person. First started on December 12th. This is how the character Fae Raoirse and her high society family first came about. Yes, it is the same Fae that first appeared in December 12th’s free write. 🙂

“Snob!” ” You’d be nothing without all your designer labels, everyone in town knows that, so stop acting high and mighty and ignoring us!”

Fae walked briskly down the pavement stone-faced, turning round the corner to get to her street as much as she wanted to lose the taunting voices behind her, doggedly trailing her as she returned to her family’s loft apartment with her bags full of shopping.

She was relieved, a tense weight sliding off her shoulders as she got inside the apartment. How did the bullies associate wealth with pride, Fae would never understand. One of the things Fae hated about going outside was the possibility of running into her school bullies, who have been sadistically agitating the hell out of her since God knows when. It had been going on for quite a few years, and even though everybody in town had grown up, evolved and developed other area of focus and interests, her bullies sure as hell clung to their old hobbies with vengeance like Peter Pan to his childhood.

For the longest time, her family was poor and she hardly had anything new to herself, her clothes and shoes all handed down to her by her older sister as soon as she had outgrown them. It was not easy for her then, a new girl in town from an immigrant family who wore shoes and clothes that were undeniably out of fashion in school year in and out. The bullies had swiftly descended upon her like a swarm of hornets, teasing her about her off-colour blue pumps or her dress which she got from her sister, who had obtained it at a discount rack three years ago. Fae complained and cried about the bullying she had to endure in school to her parents, who gently taught her not to cave in to their low-handed tactics and psychological warfare.

Thank God for her older sister Fleur too, who was born with the God-given ability to silence bullies with one single death glare. The bullies didn’t let up even after school hours.

Gradually as the Raoirse clan grew their roots into their new country, her parents’ careers took off after a long time and they were able to improve their living standards. Mr. Raoirse came to be a prominent arts director, and Mrs. Raoirse found her calling, happily nurturing a start-up selling eco-friendly soaps. With the additional income, Mrs. Raoirse could afford to add more meat into the weekend meals, Fae and her sister allowed to shop for their own stuff whenever they needed something instead of scouring discount racks. Fae ceased wearing her sister’s old clothes. These delightful lifestyle changes accumulated to a point where Mr Raoirse announced that they were going to move from their apartment rental to a prestigious loft apartment at the opposite side of town, which would be solely theirs, unsubjected to monthly payments and a landlord’s rules.

Meanwhile, Fae’s life changed socially too. Due to her parents’ careers, she and her sister soon found themselves mingling with the company of higher society and their children with each dinner, party and gathering the family was invited to. A few that Fae had come across was as uppity as the common stereotype, but most were humble and grounded, and after a long time of having been outcasted in school she had welcomed friends she made through her parents like the first breath of air after being weighed down in the ocean.

The sisters were introduced to a vast variety of hobbies and entertainment too which they formerly had never heard about or seen. Unlike many, Fae discovered she enjoyed opera, although she still didn’t quite understand some things at times. She loved how lines could be delivered in song, sounding so beautiful and yet telling a story at the same time. She loved how conductor and orchestra worked together below the stage to form the atmosphere which the actors above so relied on.

With encouragement from her supportive parents, she had signed up for classes in classical music, another new interest of hers. She took to playing the violin like a duck to water, albeit a clumsy one at first, having screeched some notes that had the potential to bust glass windows. Much more recently, she had began to take lessons in the harp, which she kind of was intrigued by.

Fae had thought her new status as a family in high society would give her leverage over the bullies, as she no longer had to wear old shoes and clothes and could buy anything nice she pleased.

Unfortunately, the bullies were one step ahead and merely changed strategy, implying that her now-branded belongings was a result of her now being snobby, being fake as ‘she wanted to be someone she’s not’. Where they once taunted for her unfashionable outdated clothing,they took to calling her fresh-of-the-fashion-runway dress a ‘whole shitload of pretense and crustiness’ and her new Victoria Secret perfume and Tiffany and Co. jewelry  as’showing off’.

The shots fired were such  a low blow, considering they were the same people who had once shouted “Fae Raoirse, the style senseless” and “Fae Stink Shoes” and other crude variations throughout her middle school years.

Whenever she looked back, Fae felt sorry for herself that she had once thought their behaviour and treatment of her would change with her family’s new money and social status. There’s a saying that Fae once heard- “People don’t learn unless they get bitten” and it was one of the few she could wholeheartedly agree with. One is not responsible for another’s actions and behaviors, everyone has personal responsibility for each own’s. Fae was just sorry it had took years of merciless bullying for this lesson to sink into her mind. Now that it had, she took to numbing her emotional responses as she knew it didn’t matter what she did, the bullies would still find things about her to pick at.


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