Free-write: 13/12/15 Cinnamon Film

20151214_010146-1.jpgMy favourite top 6 tastes of life:

  1. Watching a political/non-paranormal thriller film while in a fully rested mood, enjoying the thematic richness and artistic creativity of everything,from the 3D-ness of characters and vast topical span within the dialogue, all banded together to form an amazingly comprehensive and rich landscape in its message and meaning.
  2. In a cafe while in a state of perfect peace of imperfect life, soaking in every inch of the cafe coziness, from the grainy wood panels which could be likened to mountain cabins and good food that entertains the tastebuds.
  3. Writing and feeling in my own element, free and liberated, even though I don’t know what or why I am. (This feel doesn’t come every single time I write.)
  4. Youtube and chilling with a favourite tea on a cold rainy December day.
  5. Reading a book and being mentally immersed in its world, characters and characters’ emotions, then finishing it and realising what had just gone on by. Several hours or entire day, maybe?  (Sort of like a reverse Narnia)
  6. Gastronomically enjoying something spiced or savoury. E.g gingerbread, or something with cinnamon in it, with the exception of cinnamon rolls because it’s heavy on the palate for me.

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