Free-write: 12/12/15 Cultured Uppity

Note: So this post is 1-2 days late. Long weekend, didn’t get much done.

20151211_235909-1Fae couldn’t put her finger to it. No matter how much she tried to reason it in her head, nothing made comprehensible sense to her. The new friends that she had made in her new school were more distant to her now. She had mentally rewound back, seeking for anything that she had said or done wrong that could make her friends more distant. There was nothing, and asking around had yielded no results either.

She had recently been taking up harpischord classes, and even though she was not really good at it now, she enjoyed every minute of it. Her father had encouraged her to take up additional musical classes, after she discovered she actually liked opera and classical music in general. Maybe that was the reason why. None of her new friends were into such things, while she did. Did they think her more of an uppity now that she had started posting pictures of her and her harp on Instagram? Did they secretly hate it when she went on about notable composers and the various instruments involved in an orchestra in their lunch break conversations? While there was no outright name-calling, Fae secretly wondered if her peers thought being cultured in the fine arts equated to being a snob.


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