Free-write: 11/12/15 Fluffy vest and tie

20151211_235703-1A yeti in a gold blazer, in black tie formal wear stands at the edge of the dim forest, looking on in pride as the rice is thrown over his daughter and her husband as the deep forest life applauds and hoots in celebratory delight. His thick fur gives him an illusion of wearing a fluffy vest and tie, which he might as well be.

It had been several years before the yeti and his daughter found another of their kind, having lived alone for decades in the Dark Deep. Few have sighted them, yet they knew they had made it into the local folklore of the mountains as adventurers whispered in the woodland, the rumours carried along and conveyed by the hawks and raptors of the wind.

For years the yeti and his daughter have contented themselves with the company of creatures of the Dark Deep who didn’t scurry away at the first sight of their towering bulky build.

It was only several moons back when the two yetis found the red-fur ape, lying prone on flattened foliage near the tall trees. What developments have taken place since then. The red-fur ape got along well with them, and the yeti’s daughter and him found themselves falling in love despite their palate incompabilities and love/hate of water.

The ape loved fruits, the yeti’s daughter prefered the savoury taste of wild perch by the river. The ape despised water, diving for cover underneath the thick foliage on the ground whenever drizzle hit the Dark Deep, while the yeti’s daughter welcomed the refreshing bath that came with the first raindrops of the monsoon.

As the creatures followed the yeti’s daughter and the groom, the yeti in his fluffy vest and tie beamed inwardly.


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