Free-write: 10/12/15 Sparkling Independence

20151210_221718-1It’s fascinating how the perception of independence changes as we move through different life stages. It’s quite apt that the words ‘sparkling’ and ‘independence’ are the very words I drawn up for today’s free writing challenge, as I poignantly remember independence as something to be beheld, even right now at this age despite me feeling empty and lonely at times and even wondering how it would be like if I had an older brother.

Generally, I feel that sometimes people take independence for granted, whether it is having the independence to freely walk and move about with a healthy able body or the independence that comes with it along with singlehood. We are in this digital age where #firstworldproblems often pop up on our newsfeed complaining about how a lock of hair isn’t curled straight or the ‘forever alone’ meme lurks everywhere, though more so on 9gag these days, I’ve noticed. Facebook specialises more in sexualized ‘relationship goals’ and grand gestures of affection. The freedom of physical independence that comes in being in a healthy body might be easier for people to face up to than admitting they put too much energy into wanting and finding a partner, hoping for him/her to fill the empty spaces of their heart. Maybe secretly, this might even apply to myself at certain times, even though floaty feelings of infatuation to me are considered nothing if they are not backed up by community support and approval.

When we are young, independence is something that all kids crave, especially when we are starting to sprout our wings in our teenagehood, ready to be launched into a more self-assured, mature version of ourselves by the time we turn to our twenties. When we are young, we often crave the time where we can eat and sleep anytime we wanted without any parentally imposed bedtimes or groundings.

Of course, the ironic hilarity is that as we get older we decide that sleep is as valuable as encompassing peace itself, amidst the heavy torrent of school assignments or the mental exhaustion of long hours at work week in and out. For those who are healthily not hung up on the idea of having a man/woman in your life, some might dream of the sparkling independence of traveling the world with their best friends, doing all sorts of fun things and exploring a different culture than we are used to for several days. Personally and currently I haven’t had the first serious vibes of wanderlust hit me yet, or maybe it’s because I’m currently a penny-pincher when it comes to my own earned cash. $1.60 meals of fried noodles and egg tastes very good to me,especially if I’m ravenous.


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