Free-write challenge (Dec’ 15)

Okay, nobody (or whoever has clicked on this blog). Truth to be told I suffer from writer’s block quite often. Sometimes it’s not so much as not having ideas as it is about somehow not knowing how to conceptualize an image of an idea into words. Both for my story which I’m trying to write, which is an expansion from a vivid dream sequence I had a few months back and has mentioned in previous posts.

A few days back I followed Butterfly Mind aka Andrea Badgley and I saw a post on writing by her, which was 30 days of free writing using prompts and a timer. According to her post, it helped to get her creative juices flowing.

Since I recently quit my part time job to basically do nothing for this month of December, I’m going to put myself to the same challenge, and see what follows. For this whole Christmas season.

These days I haven’t been writing as much as I would’ve liked, as I’ve been on the Internet mindlessly scrolling through social media or watching the creations of several Youtubers. Joey Graceffa, Miranda Sings and Shane Dawson, just to name three. I’ve got Shane’s ‘Youtube Star’ song stuck in my head recently. The satirical character of Miranda is ingenious, I wonder how did Colleen come up with the background and quips for the character. Miranda is the only Youtuber (character) I know who can say something that is a sexual innuendo, yet imply something darker, at the same time add to the backstory. I’m talking about the quips about her uncle. Though generally indifferent to people’s daily life video blogs I find Joey’s vlogs strangely addictive though the content is somehow mundane. Am I the only one who gets this? (End of rant about Youtubers I admire and are currently watching.)

Anyway, there’s a significant difference between creating something yourself and watching someone’s creation. I’ll do my best to do this free-write somehow even if I’m working on my own story for that day, and it would go a long way in helping me feel less of a lazy slob of a writer and more of a purposeful, productive person. I’ve got nothing to lose, ain’t I? So here’s to me. Good luck to myself.

Here’s to the name of harnessing creative potential!🍸

Signing off til tommorow’s 1st day free write, Internet!


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