Crimson Peak poetry: Lucille

Crimson Peak – Lucille Sharpe

(1/4 poetry series I shall attempt to write)

A lullaby I shall play

It is all I’ve known

Beautiful it is, but so is a butterfly

Fragile they are, passing when winds of autumn arrive

All I’ve ever known is my home

Where the two of us reside

Remember when we kissed?

The nights spent at the back of the house

When mama was asleep

How we once cradled each other in our arms

When we heard daddy yell and mama cry

The love we held was so dear,

As red and passionate as the blood between us

I would do anything for you

You’re all I’ve ever known

They sent both of us away

But we’re back together now

You could’ve never left me alone

For that no rubies or diamonds could make me as happy

Please dear, don’t break your promise of never leaving me

Each other are what we’ve got

I would do anything for you

For us to survive where no sweet thing grows

Only the bitter

Remember the love we’ve once pledged to each other

We will never fall in love with another

Together we kill for gold

Maybe one day we will have all we’ve yearned

Together in this house, not only the bitter.

-It’s 1.30am where I am and given that I’ve said so much about Lucille in my Crimson Peak, I know I may come off as unhinged myself. However dark poetry is one of my specialties and that’s why I’m attempting Crimson Peak poetry with Lucille first. –


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